Training in all forms of limited resource medicine, off-road skills, and tactical scenarios,
our instructors have real world experience teaching across the globe in some of the most austere environment, from combat to civilian applications.


A division of ETS Consulting


Certified Medical Incident Technician (MIT)

Trusted by over 5000+ Students

Our students come from all walks of life.  We have taught everyone from federal agents to rafting guides; deploying military to camp counselors.  

Our instructors also hail from diverse backgrounds including former 18D medics to street medics.  With proven experience in the field and in front of classroom, you will gain valuable knowledge to help save lives when it matters.

Why our Courses?

Professional Course

Whether or not you are seeking professional certification, our instructors will prepare you to work in the real world with real patients. Our courses are focused on practicality, not theory.


We focus our training on real world scenarios and situations you may find yourself having to work in. We will construct problems based on your industry and will create maximum immersion.

Accelerated Learning

We will not waste your time with endless power points and useless parlor tricks. Our training is designed to maximize your proficiency in the most effective manner.


Our instructors have direct experience in their fields so they know what they're teaching, first-hand. You will graduate with all the knowledge needed to be proficient in the topic.